I am a big advocate of SGC grading, and will only use them. All too often I submit cards hoping for grades that I think are right on only to get disappointed when they come in with lower grades. I usually crack them out and try to see what I missed. Most of the times I can come up with something which is so miniscule that I say to myself, Is it worth the money spent for grading. I just got this card back yesterday. The only thing that I can see wrong with it is some sort of a mark in the yellow of Perry's picture. I got a grade of 60. This card is NM!


Seeing this Robinson put me over the edge. I am now following Blackie's path to collecting. I will finish the remaing sets I have in SGC grade but in the future all of my new sets will be raw and in VG/EX or above. I started a 58 set in this condition and I am really enjoying looking at the cards in an album again.