As I've said in other posts, I'm sort of new here. I made a submission back in '07, but have now decided to do my non-sports sets here with SGC and also my football and golf. I have been looking at some of the non-sport set registries that others have made and I have a question. It seems the bulk of them were started, but then not added to since '07 or '08. Are non-sport sets a distant step child with everyone, or am I being overly cynical. I'd love to chat or post messages about non-sport sets; and my football and golf also. I would love the chance to meet (at least meet on here) other members, I'm always happy to talk about card collecting, grading topics, etc.

As a way to show what I mean, I will share some of my interests. In golf, I like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino. Football wise, I don't follow a current team, but when I was younger I followed Johnny Unitas and the Colts before they moved to Indianapolis. I also like Matt Blair (he played at Iowa State when I attended) and then he played for the Vikings. Actually, I like any Iowa State alums in the league.

As far as non sports cards go, I like the western themed sets, and also the few railroad theme sets.

I hope I can be a contributing member here on the forums. Thank you.

Brian Blankenburg (bammerbb)

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