Hi all, I just received my first SGC submission back from SGC. Right on time, it was a 20 day order.

I sent 3 1950 Bowman Wild West cards. The grades were a 45, a 60 and an 80.

I also sent 12 1950 Ed-U-Cards Lone Ranger. The grades ranged from 30 to 70.

I am not unhappy with the grades. Of course I wished some had been better, but it seems these are very tough cards to find in higher grades. One of the Bowman's was number A-28 Ambush. It was graded 45 VG+, the colors on the front are still very pretty. Plus, between what I paid for the raw cards plus the grading, I feel I'm not overpaying.

So, I hope we can get a nice forum going on non-sports cards. While I love baseball cards, I'm really looking forward to completing some Western non-sports sets also. I'll try to scan some of the fronts for posting on here in the next few days.

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