I'm happy to report I'm going to be sending another non-sport submission to SGC on Monday (1/27). I'm looking forward to getting these cards back as I'm really wanting to get the sets started. I'm sending 2 1959 Quaker Pack-Of-10 Braves cards, numbers 2 and 17. I have high hopes for these 2, I'm thinking 98, but hoping for 100.

Then I have 10 1955 Topps Round-Up cards to send. I have a feeling the grades will be all over the place on these, as 2 are way off center on the back. (I may pull these 2 out and try to find better ones.)

Then I have 9 Rails & Sails to send. 2 Davey Crockett Orange Backs that I'm hoping for grades in the upper 80's. Then I have 4 Brach's Candies Railroad ones to send.

I have 6 more, but haven't decided yet if I'm going to send them now or wait.

Let's hope I get some good grades and I'm ready to start scanning cards as soon as they come back.