Need some advice from those who have gone to National shows.
Again, I am just now getting back into the collecting, so forgive me for the "Rookie" questions.
I see that K.C. (Overland Park) is hosting a National Show Feb 7-9th.

I see one ticket to get in is $10, so if I take my 11 year old it's $20 (which I feel is BS because IMO they should let those under 18 in free, so that we can keep the hobby alive in our youth, but thats just my opinion).
Then the $10 for PSA ticket. So does that mean I have to pay to just get in the room to have my cards graded? I have to pay $20 just so me and my son walk thru the door?
Then, if I turn my cards in to graded, do they get graded right then and there, or is it a 24 hr turn around? So I would then have to travel all the BACK to K.C. from Topeka, and pay ANOTHER $20 to get in the door, then ANOTHER $20 to get in the PSA door?
Yes, I could pay $25 ($50 all together) for a weekend pass, but would I have to drive all the way back? In other words is it graded right then and there, or do I need to come back?
And then.., all that money shoveled out and I have not even got my cards graded. I have 7 I would like to have graded. Is it normal pricing for them?
And then again, after all that money, I still have not even purchased a card yet.

I would love to go experience a National Show, but is it really worth it??? For a guy living paycheck to paycheck, and trying to pass our hobby onto my 11 year old, they seem to be trying to make it all about the $$$$ and not the hobby.

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