Here are 10 nine (9) different raw 1959 cards that I was holding back to round out an invoice someday. None of them will upgrade my set, so they're up for sale.

Average condition is EX/MT to NM+. Not scanned is #248-Red Sox Team (unmarked).

23-Dickson NM+ $6. [SOLD Dickson]
41-Martyn EX++ $3. (surface wrinkle in top edge over "ty" in Martyn)
59-Noren EXMT+ $4.
109-Schmidt NM $5.
179-Rudolph NM+ $5.
248-Red Sox Team NM & Unmarked $12.
254-Bella EXMT $3. (surface indentions, lower edge, visible when tilted)
358-Terry EXMT $3. (surface bubble/dot near left edge)
386-Delsing NM+ $5.
398-Post NM+ $5.

All 10 nine for $50$30 delivered, or pick & choose. Paypal gift, cash, check or M.O.

NOTE to K.C. Fans, three of the nine are Athletics!

 photo 1959_raw9.jpg
#1 in 1959 Topps. Officially known as Assassin according to stanthemanfan 3/31/2014 and god of minor league basketball according to cammb.