I've just returned home (Baharain) and am looking at the end of my 20 years finally!! I wasnt able to indulge in my passion while gone this time as much and now that I am home I am going full bore! There are two member's on this board that I owe a favor to and I fully intend to make good on the goodwill afforded me. Blackie and StMjoy I havent forgotten that scanner I just got pulled unexpectantly in a few differnt directions at the wrong time and sent packing (damn Marine Corps). PM me your addresses again please. Blackie hows that 58 set coming? I have two beautiful 58's in 80 grade the Mays and Aaron both nearly centered perfectly. StMJoy I know you lean toward pre-war (if only I had the income for that!) Missed the community on this board while I was gone and missed talking baseball!!!