Hey all,

Yup, im back in it full throttle again (Baseball Card collecting that is) after a 10 year break.

So im browsing through Ebay looking for the home town hero - Vlad the man Guerrero that is, always wanted to own a high grade 95' rookie be it bowman or b.best or even both, until I started thinking of the record of all records, the biggest most important (IMHO) sports record ever, the ALL TIME HOME RUN RECORD.

I knew about Sgc, Psa and Bgs as being the top 3 grading companies, than i saw some unfamiliar words such as GEM, BCCG, etc going for about tenth or less of the big 3's prices. Started doing some hard research and found out that most of those companies are worthless. I didnt know as well that PSA and BGS had developped such ugly rep's during the past couple of years. BGS seriously lost all respect I ever had for them with that bccg [!@#%^&^] there pushing. I had always considered PSA as the one to buy, but, heh, no more..

What I read site after site seriously convinced me that SGC is the BEST card grading company (except for the site, which i would seriously reconstruct from top to bottom except for the message board section).

These 2 paragraphs pretty much summed up my research as to what I found out about SGC.

Word on the street:
SGC is well known as being tough graders. Compare the number of SGC 100 cards you find on the market compared to BGS / CSA / PSA 10 cards and you will see why. They are also well known for being the most consistent grading company as well, in part due to their more comprehensive 100 point grading scale. SGC's biggest problem is name recognition, and that is beginning to change as more and more collectors look for alternatives to using PSA. Another problem may be that many collectors aren't sure how the 100 point system maps to the 10 point system they are now accustomed to.

Snort's take:
SGC does things the way they should be done! They are thorough and consistent in their grading and they still manage to do it for less than their competition. Not only that, but SGC offers up a host of service levels to match most any need with any budget. Plus SGC's slab is perhaps the best on the market presently in terms of both functionality and appearance. My recommendation is if you are looking to add a quality graded piece to your collection, search out SGC graded specimens. However, if you are looking to have some cards graded with the explicit intention of selling them, PSA may be a better choice... especially for less than perfect cards. Hey, you might get lucky on them with PSA, but you definitely won't with SGC... they are the real professionals.


I dont even want to post on the things ive heard about BGS and PSA. Besides being the biggest sellers of graded cards on Ebay and thepit.com I would never pay more for a BGS 9.5 or PSA 10 than I would for a SGC 98, it just doesnt make sense to.

The direction the card industry concerning brand respectability and overall QUALITY is so easy to point to, SGC will come out on top in the long. Why would someone want to buy a bgs or psa when you have a chance of purchasing a trimmed, counterfeit, switched, less than real grading card when you know with SGC your chances are better to get the real thing, real grading, real quality.

Why would someone even second guess about buying BGS or PSA unless SGC is not available. Honestly, I think i would sleep better if i had just bought a SGC 98 rookie of my favorite player than if it were a psa 10 or bgs 9.5.

We have seen this happen to many times in different industries, except for a few exceptions where the brand with the lesser quality wins out (Remember Beta VS VHS?)....

This is different though, and when everyone realises that SGC is the brand to have, and trust me they will, It wont be long before SGC commands a higher price even double some day that PSA or BGS. My guess is that there will be bccg, GEM and the other crapola, than psa and bgs , and than there will be SGC.

As long as SGC doesnt faulter, in which i can name a few ways that it can, SGC is in prime territory. Bgs just killed itself with bccg and psa, well there psa.

Sgc might be staying in the shadows for its competitors to slip, which they have for a long time now.

Honestly, if i were able to give any advice to SGC it would be the following. I'm prety sure if taken these steps they would grab a nice chunk of market share, in which they deserve very much.

1. Stop what your doing and REVAMP immediately there Home page. I swear i can make you that site in 5 minutes flat. Make a whole new user friendly Population report, Get rid of that mustard color, , apply a serial number lookup to all its cards. The other day I was buying a 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany Barry Bonds SGC 98 over the phone from a private collector, I could see the serial number, I tried to find a serial number lookup on the site and was VERY disappointed when i couldnt. I wont go as far as calling SGC unprofessional, because deep down, what really matters is the card grading. Everything else is second. But too many wrong seconds and you can go down the tubes a swell.

2. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SGC AND SOME OFF CENTER CARDS?? Hmmmmm. I was in shock when i received the Bonds SGC 98 in the mail. It clearly states on there web site a SGC 98 will have 55/45 centering in the front, I'm sorry but this card has more than that, Ive looked on ebay for some auctions though, and noticed many of these cards have the same off centering as mine does, but there are a few that have perfect centering. Anyways i was a bit disappointed there, did no excpect that to happen, which brings me to point 3...

3. Hmmm Hello? Can we have some sub grading? That feature is too attractive to leave out. Please , oh Please add some subgrading. Not only will it benefit all your customers new and OLD, how will it benefit the old, well you will charge an amount to all the people that want sub grading done/written on there existing cards. For the new people i guess a 50 cent sur charge would be cool. I just hope BGS doesnt have the patents on this , in which case i'm sure you can figure out another way to add that service.

4. Offer some choice in card holders, a whole new different card holder, you can offer people that submit there cards the new holder or go with the old classic. I know this aint coke or pepsi but it makes sense i think, because many people dont like the current one, I used to hate it myself, but have grown to like it since I got back into the hobby.

5. You got the name, you got the respect, your service is tops, you got the best clientele, all the pros buy SGC, all you need is a few touch ups here and there and you got the entire industry cornered. A little advetisemnt this football season, maybe with someone like Vick since he's home sleeping and has nothing better to do and right there you got an extra 5% boost in sales.

6. I saw a link on your site that you have started adding cards on thepit.com or they have started adding for that matter, I hope thats true. Anyways if you do decide to make any of these changes can you please wait until I pick up a few more BONDS Topps Tiffanys SGC 98's for 1000 dollars less (LOL, WHAT A STEAL). As well as some Guerrero's, Beltran's, Rodriguez, Heltons, Ordonez, Soriano's, Pujols, Crawfords, Bardellis, more Bonds, Gagne's and a few Halladya's. Thats what I'm collecting, but its just too damn hard to find them in high grade SGC.

7. Keep on spitting out as few as possible SGC 100's as well. Not like that gay (GAI) company that is trying to make itself look like SGC. Ive seen more GAI 10's than PSa 10's lately... Dont you love it when the competition shoots itself in the foot.

So i bid you good luck, because you obiously deserve it.

Good Luck:)

P.S. Does anyone not think that Bonds will break Aaron's record?

I gotta go , sorry if there's any mispells, but i'm real late and not enough time to look back.