This is my first post on the SGC Boards. I hope to be able to add my thoughts to posts from time to time.
As a way of introducing myself, I believe I am the largest owner of psa-graded cards in the country(colse to 20,000) and am attempting to build over 100 vintage pre-war and post-war sets in baseball, football, basketball and hockey in psa 8 or better. Some 80% of my collection is baseball. Most cards(over 15,000) I have submitted myself--the others I have bought from a variety of psa dealers. I also try to upgrade any card that comes back from psa in less than a 8.
I have recently become quite disenchanted with PSA and after being a regular poster on their message boards for the past 18 months, have made the decision to stop posting.
Below is a brief summary of some of my views. I could go into any of these in more detail in the future.
1)The PSA president has to be the most customer unfriendly person I have ever seen running a company. My job is to analyze different companies in different businesses and I spend a lot of my time talking with senior managements. Because I am a large customer, I asked him to do certain favors for me--more clerical things--nothing like reexamine a card. Not only was I rudely turned down but then I was insulted. I have shown his comments to other substantial collectors I know and they were stunned. Maybe spending close to $100,000 on grading fees does not make me their biggest customer but I was appalled.
2)The trial balloon that PSA sent out about half grades was a slap in the face to their longstanding customers. Only because it was leaked that they were asking dealers about it, did they admit it. If it was not for the nearly unanimous outcry on the message boards it almost certainly would have happened. I think the president of PSA knew this(how could he have not) but was pressured by management of Collectors Universe to do this
3)I am losing a little confidence in Psa 's grading. Certain vintage cards I see in holders sold by certain dealers look suspicious to me. All I am suggesting is that certain dealers will continue to submit high-end trimmed cards until they grade.
4)The pricing of vintage sportscards in SMR is rapidly becoming irrelevant. The amazing thing is when this is pointed out to the president he defends it and says e-mail suggested changes. He actually wants the collectors to do his price guide. When I point out that he should take the responsibility for putting out a publication with accurate prices he gets angry and defensive. It is obvious he is paying no attention to ebay or even major auctions.
5)Making membership manmdatory and charging you before you can submit cards is not a good business decision.
6)There are not many individuals withy a broad knowledge of vintage cards of PSA's Message Boards. To many, vintage means 1970 Kellogg. There are collectors with detailed knowledge about a specific set in the 1960s or 1970s and there a couple of pretty witty guys but it is not very informative if your interest ins vintage cards. With Greg banned and Mike Schmidt off to business school, it has continued to deteriorate.
7)I have no intention at this time of converting my collection to SGC or GAI--too costly and it is not clear at this point how all this will play out. However, I am very worried about PSA and I know I am not the only one.