Dear All

I finally had the chance to meet with Sean today since I was picking a batch of cards and I wanted to share with you the note that I sent back to him as a result of our meeting.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my gratitude towards you for spending an hour of your valuable time with me this afternoon. It was a refreshing thing to see and serves to knock down a common myth that exists in your industry (i.e. that grading companies only cater to dealers).

It was of great value to also be able to discuss the makeup of some of the grades that my cards received as it only serves to make me more knowledgeable and strengthen my relationship with SGC.

Coming on the heels of the recent post we've seen from Davalillo, it underscores how much more one gets when dealing with SGC. Joe Orlando couldn't give the time of day to a collector with over 15,000 PSA graded cards and yet you were more than willing to invest an hour of your time with a small collector like myself.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with you and your firm and am glad that you are there to answer any and all questions that I might have in timely fashion and with a great deal of professionalism.

Best Regards