I have heard from a very reliable source that PSA will be raising prices in January 2004. Apparently it is their position, or the opinion of some in positions of authority, that the public has no choice but to use them due to their domination in grading from their Set Registry. In other words, like the joke goes...Why does a dog lick his b---s? Because he can.

I have also heard that PSA has attempted to apply pressure to the promoter of the Fort Washington Show to make GAI move from their location, which is right next to PSA for all future shows. The reason given is that PSA's customers were uncomfortable coming to the PSA booth while GAI was so close. If GAI was not moved to another location, executives of PSA told the promoter that they would not come back to the show again.

It is my understanding that GAI is not willing to be pushed around and that the promoter is going to support GAI’s decision and is even going to let GAI take PSA's spot if PSA follows through on their threat.

I will let you all draw your own conclusions on these issues.