Hello to all. I am brand new to the board, but I have been reading posts on and off for about a month now... right about the time I decided to use SGC for my grading services. This may be a little long winded, but I promise future posts won't be as much so.

I am just getting back into the hobby after a 10 year hiatus and it is interesting to see how it has all changed. There wasn't an EBay, which is as addictive as anything I could imagine, or mainstream grading, or each major card company having 50 sets each all with chase cards. I don't know about you, but I miss how it used to be, as long as there would still be an online mechanism to get cards.

With that said, upon my return to the hobby, I was naturally intrigued by the aspect of grading cards. I loved the thought of there being a difference for well maintained cards, as opposed to those that have been through the wars. So I decided I would send in some cards for grading, and it ended up being over a 100 of them.

The other day I got my results and it ended up being a mixed bag. Not that I submitted these cards expecting all great grades. It's more so that I found out that I don't have as good of an eye as I once thought. This went both ways actually. I was really pleased with some of the grades I got on some of my late 70s stuff (Ryan, Carlton) and perplexed by some of the newer stuff, especially any 89 Upper Deck card I submitted. Also, that the more expensive cards seemed to be judged a little harder than the lesser cards I submitted when I view them side by side.

Are certain cards graded differently? I know that shouldn't be so, but what is the reality of it based on your submissions?

Are allowances made for older cards?

What kind of scrutiny do you apply to your cards before you submit them?Magnifying glass? Black light?

Which flaws seem to lower a card's grade the most?

Has anyone ever asked SGC, and been successful, in getting a reason why their cards scored as they did?

I will stop here, because I probably overloaded this post as it is. But any insight would be greatly appreciated or if there are some old posts someone could route me too. Thanks and it's great to be here.