OK. . .here's my initial observations

* The layout of the page is nice and uncluttered. Pretty straightforward.

* In the login/sign-up process, SGC asks for a lot more information than I feel should be necessary. Why must I provide my address and phone number to use the registry? Perhaps I don't trust them enough to keep my information confidential - and not to send me a bunch of junk.

* As others have mentioned, why no mainstream 50s and 60s sets in the initial offering?

* I was able to enter enter cards using Internet Explorer on my Mac. Something I can't do on the other guys' registry. Forced into Netscape on my Mac - or onto my Windows XP box.

* The fact that the registry is not integrated with the certification database - requiring me to enter the grade of my cards - is rather second-rate. Not well thought-out guys!

* The biggest problem. . .you guys mean to tell me I have to add cards one-at-a-friggin-time?!?!?!? The 1979 Topps set has 727 cards if you include both Wills variations!!!! I entered 12 cards and it took me over half an hour!!! This is simply unacceptable!!! I'll make it as plain as I can SGC - if you don't fix this immediately I simply will not enter another card - period!

* The process is unnecessarily confusing because once you've entered the last card, then what? Do you hit "submit"? Can you just close the browser window? What's the deal? It doesn't need to be this hard, really.

I look forward to hearing from other people who have entered cards.