I didn't see the game, so I can't verify which source of info on the internet is correct - but I'm curious to find out what the other board members think of yesterday's game.

Jeff Nelson is lousy along with Karim Garcia. Garcia has a .235 lifetime batting average and got dropped by the Tiges a couple of years ago. My opinion is he's a zero potential player - I watched him play - he stinks.

I grew up in Albany, NY and was die hard Yankee fan as a kid and I went to college outside of Boston and followed the Sox quite closely - so I can say that I seen the good in both organizations - but the Yankees are out of control. They are expecting an apology from the Red Sox for a 2 on 1 beating of a rake operator. Unbelievable! The Yankees pride themselves on professionalism - yet their right fielder jumps over the bullpen wall to beat up a guy whose job is to smooth the foul ground dirt. Apparently Jeff Nelson must have been getting smacked around by the rally flag owner to need reinforcements - aka Karim Garcia (did I say he stinks).

I hope the Yanks meet up with the Cubs in the Series. I'd like nothing more than to see Woods throwing BB's at 98+ mph and Prior making them look like fools with his bender.

What do others think.