ok i am following the trend here. i have started 2 sgc sets. one being the 76 it was the first year i collected baseball cards. i can still remember getting the hank aaron and looking at it for hours. the other is a 78 set. i think the 78's look so much better in sgc holders.
i spent the afternoon getting a small submission ready to go to sgc all 76's. there is 44 in all and its going to cost me about 300 bucs. i was kind of hoping for a special but haven't seen any word of one. i did buy this card to add to my set. i don't think i will cross over any psa 9 cards yet but you never know. i will try to find some high end 8's to cross though . if anybody has some nice raw or well centered 92's/96's from the 2 sets lmk.

Ken Griffey Jr