As many of you know, I'm a Vikings & Twins collector. I purchase a Topps factory and applicable traded base set each year.

I just reviewed the Vikings Topps 2003 player selection at and I was amused and a bit upset at the player selection


MOE, WILLIAMS 51 (#1 Full-back option & special teamer)
BYRON, CHAMBERLAIN 10 (off team due to over eating after 4 game suspension issued in mid-summer for taking banned substance...shouldn't have issued a card for him)
DAUNTE, CULPEPPER 82 (#1 QB...obvious selection)
JIM, KLEINSASSER 96 (#1 Tight End...good selection)
D'WAYNE, BATES 137 (#2 receiver...good selection)
MICHAEL, BENNETT 153 (#1 RB hurt, good selection)
CHRIS, WALSH 192 (never invited to 2003 camp...not on team...poor selection)
DERRICK, ALEXANDER 223 (never invited to 03 camp...not on team...poor)
RANDY, MOSS 253 (#1 WR)
KEENAN, HOWRY 312 (ummm...this guy doesn't play...rookie)
KEVIN, WILLIAMS 359 (#1 draft selection)
NATE, BURLESON 363 (#3 draft selection...good)
ONTERRIO, SMITH 336 (#4 draft selection...good)

Not one offensive lineman, including pro-bowler Matt Birk or Bryant McKinnie. Not one starting defensive player, with the exception of rookie Kevin Williams. Not even pro-bowler Chris Hovan!

Then they create these quasi-trade cards that sport logos of 2 teams. For example, QB Todd Bouman went to the Saints from the Vikings in the off-season. Why do this for a back-up QB, let alone anyone.

Topps should forget about this Topps Total brand and put the effort into their base set.

Currently their base set is only 385 cards. Why not create two series of Topps base football that would comprise about 800 to 850 cards. They could then get the starters at most offensive/defensive position, known punters/kickers and even a coach or team stat/schedule result card. This way they could forget about these quasi-trade cards depeciting 2 team logos and reduce the number of brands that they have proliferated into an over-saturated card market.

Player representation on football has been a problem throughout the majority of Topps involvement. Exceptions have occurred and are sprinkled from mid-70s to early 90s.

I've sent my resume' to Topps and I'm awaiting a reply I'd like to start with being their Football brand manager

That makes 2 Modern Day rant posts of the month for me...

Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!