In past years unscrupulous dealers/collectors would use mere scissors to trim cards. Other devices Iíve read about include scalpels, razor blades, sharp knives, paper cutters and so on. Modern technology has made those things obsolete.

An acquaintance of mine that works in the graphics services department of a large company recently told me that there is high-tech graphics equipment that can trim paper/cardboard (and other materials) in widths of less than that of a typical piece of writing paper, and do it perfectly straight. Someone could easily use such a device to take miniscule widths off a cardís edge until the corners and edges were mint, or perhaps NM-MT.

I have no proof, but I believe it is very possible that some dealers and collectors may be using this type of advanced technology to trim cards. This just underscores the importance of a grading companyís ability to detect trimmed cards. It shows you what theyíre up against.

I suspect that there are a lot of trimmed cards in holders out there being sold not only through eBay but by dealers and at those major actions we all know about. Iíve been seeing so many suspect graded cards that Iím really hesitant to buy anything right now. As I mentioned in another thread, Iím starting to sell off a good portion of my 1950ís collection of PSA 8ís and 9ís because I simply will not take the chance that I have big bucks tied up in worthless cards. The cards I keep will likely be crossed over to SGC, which begs the question: How good are the SGC graders at detecting trimmed/altered cards as opposed to the graders at PSA or GAI? I would like to know about the expertise of SGCís graders before I cross over and would appreciate any insights. Thanks in advance for your responses.