***This was not my submission***
This is from the CU Board, and I quote,

"The good news is I sent in 28 1950's commons which were received by PSA on 10/8 and were graded and mailed out today 10/15. Got to appreciate their turnaround on this order! Then comes the bad news. I pride myself on my pre-grading skills and normally get about 80-90% what I predict. Not this time. There were about four 58's/59's that I thought were sure PSA 9's, but low and behold my tough grader saw them as 8's. A couple gorgeous 1953's were graded 5 and 6. But the worst were two cards that I had graded last year: 1955 Grammas, PSA 7 and 1957 Moryn PSA 8. I was sure they were undergraded so I cracked them out and resubmitted figuring at worse they will grade out what they got last time. No way...this time they are not graded due to " evidence of trimming ".
I am very sad and in mourning right now. Order #4083720."

Simply pathetic.

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