I recently bought an opened box of 1990 Leaf series 2. This has the Frank Thomas rookie. The box consisted of 36 packs and the box had no lid and was obviously not factory sealed. I bought it from a reliable source in Kruk Cards via an ebay auction. I opened a couple of packs just for [!@#%^&^] and giggles. I got a Thomas and stopped after about 4 packs. Thursday night I decided to open a couple of more packs. I opened one pack and nothing. I opened another pack and got a SOSA!! I know that's not possible. I check the wrapper and it said Series 1, which has the Sosa. I quickly checked the rest of the packs, no more series 1. There was only 1 pack of series 1 when there should have been none. That sole pack of series 1 contained a Sosa. What are the chances?
Simply Awsome!!