Okay, I've just discovered that SGC has method of grading cards from Canadian submitters, and I think I'll give them a shot. I do have a few questions I hope someone can help me out with:

1) Do I use the standard on-line form and just hack in the Canadian data, add in the $15 flat rate shipping, etc. or is there another form I'm missing?

2) I have a large, original owner collections of OPC Hockey and Baseball from the years 1978-1981 or so, and while the Big Wayne's are safely tucked away, along with the other OPC Hockey rookies, I'd like an idea on what OPC baseball would be worth grading.

These are extremely nice cards, and I have multiples to choose from, but I have not priced BB cards in a very long time. Plus, EBay has very limited data on graded OPC baseball.

Old reliables like Nolan Ryan 78-79 seems to be a safe bet, along with George Brett and the Eddie Murray rookie. I haven't seen an ending price on Rickey Henderson 80 and 81 OPC, but the Topps ones are insane.

How about the 78-79 stars like Carter, Winfield, Yount, Rose, Jackson, Seaver, Bench, etc.? Any potential action in this tier? Star Leaders cards, team cards?

Thanks in advance.