There have been posts about this subject in the past. First, I do think it would be great if grading companies had some oversight, a so-called "seal of approval" from a higher authority. Although in a perfect world this shouldn't be necessary, we do have to face the fact that our hobby is losing the battle against fraud and high-tech card alterations and trimming and the problem is going to get worse before it gets better.

I think it would be difficult to have some mandatory training regimen procedures due to the fact that PSA/SGC/GAI use different grading standards. For example, they all have different definitions of a "crease." (I couldn't find how PSA defines a crease). Also, they have slightly different standards in regards to the centering requirements for a Near-Mint card.

What I think would be great if an agency would list the mandatory equipment necessary, lighting, card handling, etc, for a grading company to meet its "seal of approval." For example, (and I am just throwing out examples here)...minimum 10X magnification used to inspect card, what proper lighting is to be used, two graders must independently assign grades (senior grader resolves disputes), written procedures/physical procedures in place so graders do not know the identity of who's submitting the card, and minimum grader experience necessary (in number of cards graded) to be able to independently assign grades. Until that requirement is met, graders would still be considered in a "training status." In addition, the same requirements should hold true for vintage grading as well.

These are just some thoughts and I just wanted to "brainstorm" the issue with all of you. I do feel there are some problems in the grading room at I have But I have been burned in the last year on two high-dollar PSA purchases over the Internet and that is enough proof for me.

Finally, let me add I want PSA, SGC, and GAI to be successful. I think it's great for the hobby when we have "good, solid, and honest" competition in the marketplace, and that includes grading companies.
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