OK. . .my degree is not in math so I'm just taking a wild stab at this. . .

-- Registry "went live" on 7 November.
-- It stated validation would take 3 days
-- Today, 12 November, is the third business day

So. . .that tells me we should start seeing a lot more sets today. Perhaps someone from SGC can explain the process and why it seems to be taking so long. From the outside, it seems they've been more interested in adding more eligible sets than in validating the sets already submitted.

Also. . .perhaps someone from SGC can tell us how many sets are in the queue to be validated and a status report in general. My suggestion is to add a section of the registry page providing news such as which new eligible sets were added and other pertinent news about what's improvements/refinements are coming. This would be a proactive way to inform participants about what's going on with the registry.