Today I went to Target to pick up some supplies. I found the 2003 Topps football factory sets are now on their shelves and I bought one. I noticed that the cards are not packed tightly, as I can here them shift around inside the box. I tested a few and they ware all like that. Despite this, I purchased one and took a chance.

I got home and opened it to sort by team and player, and...yep, about a third of the cards had major corner damage wear.

I'll be taking it back with receipt to Target. I will look to exchange and open another one right on the spot, if they let me. If they don't then I'll contact Topps. I'll also encourage Target's headquarters to contact Topps and note this problem. I'll also contact Topps.

This is just poor operating procedures and quality control. There was a good one inch + space inside the box for the cards to shift and move all over the place. What a disgrace.

Between this and their screwed up "short print mistake" of 2002 Topps Traded baseball is getting me to the point of giving up my Topps football and baseball collections. I don't want to do that, but I'm just irked that they're making such blatant mistakes to their loyal collecting base.

If anyone has some contacts at Topps to direct my feedback to, I welcome that, or any other opinions on the matter.
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