I posted this on the CU board and thought I would share it here too. Like to hear comments from anyone who attended or any comments from local shows across the country. It seems show attendance has bottomed out and starting to make a comeback:

Went to Westchester County for the Rothstein card show this weekend. O. Cepeda signing for $12 or $15 was a good deal. Show was jumping. Fewer dealers selling [!@#%^&^]. Not one beanie baby dealer. Overall good selection. Here are a few of my observations:

#1 Lots of ungraded baseball and football. Mostly in collector condition (VG-NM), but lots of activity. Dealers were also willing to deal on price for ungraded

#2 Dealers carrying varying degrees of graded material yet still specializing in either modern or vintage.
Modern dealers fell into two categories. Hi grade gems (10's) of key RC's and common grades (7's, 8's and 9's) of modern RC's .

#3 Fewer dealers selling unopened. I think there were only 3-4 dealers who were exclusively selling unopened, new boxes. They were swamped! One dealer (Seymour) mentioned it was his best show in years and it was only 2:00 P.M. saturday.

#4 More dealers selling McFarlanes and other figures exclusively. Pricing on these varied. Some pieces were as low as $5 (My son bought a B. Zito figure). Prices on common variants ranged from $15-$45. Hard to find figures (no helmet variations) were available but very expensive.

#5 More autograph dealers specializing. Some only sold autograph baseballs. Other were only doing autograph photos. 2 dealers were big into autographed football. Mainly Helmets and Mini's.

#6 No one offering grade commons which was disappointing.

#7 Lots of GAI cards on dealer tables as well as SGC. No junk graded cards, which is a first. PSA still had the biggest presence, but the other grade companies were well represented on dealers tables.

Overall a good show with good selection. I bought some McFarlanes and unopened modern boxes (2003 Fleer Tradition football). I passed on a 58 J. Brown RC PSA 8 for $1000. It was a weak 8 with some print dots on the black area. I also passed on a M. Motley RC PSA 8 and J. Perry RC PSA 7, both for $650. The Perry was nice but the Motley was a low end 8. The Perry actually had better eye appeal than the Motley.

Did anyone else go to the show? If so, let's hear your experiences.