As I live in the greater Chicagoland area, I attend the major local shows. The Sun-Times show was this weekend (11/22 to 11/24) and was the first major show following the creation of SGC's registry. SGC was set up on-site so it was their first good opportunity to get the attention of a lot of people who may not know of their registry.

I was interested in talking to SGC about how they plan to promote the registry and provide sufficient liquidity and demand so I could justify continuing my set in SGC holders. The way I build my graded sets is to submit my own cards for my set and submit duplicates which I then trade off to fill other holes in my set. I supplement this with occasional eBay purchases. So for me, trading partners are more important than liqudity. At the same time, without liquidity you can forget getting cards from dealers who won't submit/sell SGC cards if they are can't get a reasonable return.

The SGC booth had NOTHING mentioning their registry. No banners. . .no computer to provide demonstrations. . .no pamphlets. . .no nothing! In the end, I chose not to even talk to them. The complete absence of anything promoting their registry told me what I needed to know. It told me that they don't seem interested in promoting their product and registry enough to give me the trading partners which I depend on to build my set. Further, the lack of promotion does nothing to help dealers see that there is a market for SGC-graded cards - which I also depend on.

Since SGC doesn't seem willing to help give me what I need to make a graded set viable in their holder, I really can't justify continuing my 79 set in their holders. Over time, they should expect to get 50+ tags back so they can make the necessary adjustments to their pop report.

Mike Castaldi