I'm just posting some of my thoughts on improvements to SGC 2004. SGC to start a SGC graded cards for sale, something just like Ebay has on there Buy it now program, people would regeister, SGC would charge a commission on sales, SGC would just be the middle man no different then if I was to put a ad in PSA insider for cards and they would make money off of my ad. This would ad a revenue to the company, to help it stay stronger, plus to help it make improvements. Second SGC collecter of the quarter posted on there website, Third SGC card of the month pre, post and modern, SGC would post a card they graded, people would have to check website if there card was posted they would recieve a free grading.

Remeber for every SGC graded card you own, its like owning a piece of stock in the company, and if you have any ideas come to make the company stonger. List them. Thanks John

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