Hey everyone, just thought I'd wander down from the comic boards to see if anyone had any interest in some unopened wax packs of Elvis trading cards, produced in 1978. I have 25 packs, and if anyone is interested in one pack, a few, or the whole lot, send me a pm. Thanks.
That was John Miesegaes...that guy's a goddamn idiot. You don't want the panties in the underwear drawer that are all clean and sh**--you want the ones in the laundry hamper got the stank on 'em. -Daniel Way, referring to John M's comment that Ant-Man could hang out in supermodels' underwear drawers. Am I the only one who thinks Terry's Sig Line is a bit over the line? If I was Joanna or LucyBop, I'd tear him a new one. -Joe Collector