Hey everyone, thought I'd wander down from the comic section and offer some baseball and football cards I'd like to unload. They're basically what I have left when I was collecting in the late 70's-early 80's. They're all raw, and condition ranges from fair to near mint (based on my comic grading skills). I'm definitely not a card grading expert, but I'd be able to describe corner wear, centering, etc. pretty well. This might be a good, cheap way for someone to fill holes in their collection.
Here's the list. PM me if you're interested in any. In addition to these, I also have more "commons". I just listed the players with more "name value", or were probably worth a little more:

Sports Cards: Baseball

1979 Topps
Dale Murphy, Lou Whitaker

1980 Topps
Eddie Murray, Batting Leaders, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose(Highlight),Willie McCovey(Highlight) Ron Guidry, Tom Seaver, Dave Parker, Home Run Leaders,Reggie Jackson, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount

1981 Topps
Robin Yount, Jim Palmer, Nolan Ryan

1981 Donruss
Rod Carew, Paul Molitor, Andre Dawson, Tom Seaver, Rickey Henderson, Ozzie Smith, Mike Schmidt, George Brett, Eddie Murray, Pete Rose, Jim Palmer, Steve Carlton

1982 Topps
Pete Rose, Tim Raines, Rickey Henderson

1983 Fleer
Cal Ripken, Jr.

1984 Topps
Don Mattingly, Tony Gwynn, Home Run Leaders, Red Sox Leaders/Checklist, Batting Leaders, Mike Schmidt, Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, George Brett, Rickey Henderson, Tom Seaver

1985 Topps
Don Mattingly

1987 Topps
Rickey Henderson


1979 Topps:
Steve Largent, Joe Thiesmann, Lyle Alzado, Walter Payton, Receiving Leaders, AFC Championship, Jack Ham, Earl Campbell (Record Breaker), Earl Campbell, Tony Dorsett, Joe Greene, Passing Leaders (Staubach/Bradshaw), Super Bowl XIII NFC Championship

1980 Topps:
Steve DeBerg, Harry Carson, Harvey Martin, Walter Payton, Ozzie Newsome, Ken Stabler

1981 Topps:
Jim Plunkett, Tony Dorsett, Ahmad Rashad

1983 Topps:
Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Nick Lowery, Jack Lambert, John Riggins

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