Real Legends has filed suit against Collectors Universe for their role in introducing WIWAG to Real Legends' Grade and Trade. Apparently CU endorsed WIWAG and recommended that RE accept them as a major consignor despite having prior knowledge of WIWAG's questionable reputation.

Here is the official Press Release by RE about their affiliation with PSA.

Depositions are occurring right now and based on the Plaintiff's attorneys, Orlando and Hall have not been truthful in their testimony. Both denied having prior knowledge that WIWAG had a very high percentage of cards rejected from their submissions and the existence of certain procedures that were established in the grading room to deal with higher risk submitters.

Orlando also lied about what was confiscated by CU at WIWAG's office as a result of their being caught. He claims that no holders and no sealing machine were found at the office. That is funny because the FBI said that empty and open holders were found at WIWAG's office. That is part of the public record.

Past and present employees are being deposed currently and their testimony is painting a very bad picture for CU. If Plaintiff’s attorneys decide to depose Charlie Kahler I think that CU will have to waive the white flag and cut a check. Either way once they see the list of witnesses and read the depositions, there is no way that they will let this one be heard.

Seems that CU has its hands full right now. If they decided to tell the truth about WIWAG and of course the most recent event, 63 Rose MINT 9's with the same cert numbers, they could avoid unecessary stress and most importantly impart confidence in their service. As it is now it seems that the natives are getting restless and are beginning to ask those needed questions--if not publicly then at least to themselves.

I hope that collectors will become more proactive in their approach to dealing with the current situation that has unfolded before them. There are too many people who have relied on PSA who are clearly at risk. This is not to say that every card in a PSA holder is questionable but current management cannot be relied upon to handle matters in an upfront manner.

What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.