Hello Everyone,

I appreciate your patience with this issue but I assure you that this does not appear to be anything worthy of concern. Keep this in mind, in almost 13 years in business - this is the very first time anyone here has seen anything like this - once in 13 years.

1) The Rose card/holder, that was in question originally, was 100% tampered with. PSA has NEVER failed to stand behind the product. Our buyback program is in full effect. While it doesn't happen often, we do buyback past "mistakes." I have written checks for cards that are worth a lot more than a Rose in a "9" - we are very fair with this program.

In the case of the Rose holder - the holder showed evidence of tampering - clearly. This is not necessarily something you can tell from a scan. Since the holder was cracked and we felt the card was switched - the PSA guarantee no longer applies. That's it.

2) The Rose cards, in each case, were graded years ago - this is not a recent problem, etc. This also provides evidence that this was merely a programming error - an isolated one -since we have not seen anything like it since. Again, the serial number was issued years ago and we have graded millions of cards since.

3) The Rose card in MastroNet's auction is 100% fine.

In addition, I sent a warning out weeks ago regarding baseless rumor - the kind intended to harm PSA. I just read a response where the person claims to have "inside knowledge" about cost-cutting in regards to the quality of our holders, etc. Where do some of you guys get this garbage?

To be clear - the vast, vast majority of you have been really courteous and professional about things. When rumors or concerns arise, I want to hear about it because it gives PSA a chance to respond - like in this Rose case...but in some cases, when I hear that people are claiming to "know" about things based on inside knowledge and the claims are false, we will not hesitate to remove you from the boards. We just will not tolerate it.

I do appreciate the participation and support - PSA continues to flourish.

Take care,

Joe Orlando
PSA President

Joe Orlando