1985 Don Mattingly Topps Arvhives, SCD 7

Why even have a Topps reprint of a 1985 card graded. If it was his 84 rookie, I could understand. I'm betting he doesn't get a bite @ $2 and $1.50 to ship.

Although not stated anywhere that I can find, SCD is no longer grading cards. What's your thoughts about this. What was the inside scoop on their efforts, who was grading them and what happened.

My thoughts were that they entered the market too late and had a nice holder, flip and graded accurately. I was a bit disappointed they stopped, as their cards were available at very good prices.

I'm thinking that had they started their efforts 5 years ago and not so closely associated themselves with Larry Fritsch, that they would still be around. However, this doesn't bode well for them overall. How much longer can their weekly publication exist? I think it should go to bi-weekly and needs an overhaul.
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