Hello, I'm a comic book geek and usually post on the CGC boards. This is the first time over here. Anyway, you know us comic-geeks and we like our adult oriented trading cards. A few years ago I went way overboard and bought several thousand dollars worth of Hustler trading card cases. Mostly the 100-card set cases (20 sets per case) of series 1,2 and 3 as well as a few cases of series 2 foil pack boxes. When I used to sell at comic book conventions I sold plenty 3-packs (one sealed set of each series) for $20 but now I do not sell at conventions anymore and only sell on Ebay. I used to sell these 3-packs in the general listings on Ebay with a $20 Buy It Now but then Ebay shut me down on that. I was using censored photos before I knew that it was still against the rules to sell even censored adult-oriented products in the general listings. Too bad because I always sold those $20 sets within a day of listing them. Now, I list them in the mature items section and they sell for between $10 and $25 a 3-pack with an average of about $15. I tried selling case lots on Ebay but not too many individual collectors want 20 sets of each series.

So, I have come here to see if any of you guys are interested. If you sell at card conventions or have a retail store then I believe they should sell well for you. Since I have about an even number of each series I only want to sell the sets in even amounts. Anyway, if interested here are my rates:

Case lot: One sealed case of each series $150 + $25 USPS Parcel Post shipping
Series 1 1992
Series 2 1993
Series 3 1994
Each case consists of a nice display box containing 20 sealed set boxes of 100 different cards each (300 different cards total). This deal represents 60 sealed sets total.

Bulk set lot:
5 sets of each series (15 sets total) $45 + $10 USPS Parcel Post Shipping

Single sets:
1 set of each series (3 sets total) $10 + $5.00 USPS Parcel Post shipping

I have one case of Series 2 36-pack foil boxes (10 sealed boxes including chase cards) that I would sell for $100 + $20 shipping.

Since I have seven cases of each of the set boxes you can see that selling one set of three at a time is real slow going. Please PM me if interested. You can reference me on Ebay with my username: sansc57803. I accept PayPal, Bidpay, money orders and checks. Thanks-------Sid