The weather in San Antonio on Wednesday was gorgeous...we have a small inground pool in our backyard in which I keep it up all year around so we (my family) had a small Texas BBQ and Swim.

Well I had this 1977 Topps Hockey set I was going through--the cards are Mint or Near-Mint-Mint. I was trying to sort the Trottier, Orr, T Esposito, Milbury Rookie, and Palmatier rookie. I was saving a lot of time by combining my card sorting and BBQ activities at the same time--making sure my hands were washed each time I touched the cards.

Later that evening, I noticed BBQ stains on the Orr card. I apparently didn't do a good job of washing my hands (and maybe arms). So I picked up the card in agony and then I accidently dropped the card and dinged a corner. The sad part is that I had examined that Orr card real close and it was genuine Mint (perfect centering, sharp corners, great surface, etc) (I couldn't find a flaw.) Now, there is this BBQ smudge on the card and a dinged corner that will forever remain in raw condition. I am not even going to replace it. Hopefully, I will serve as a reminder to be more careful in the future.

The bottom line is if your're going to work on your hobby and touch some mint cards and hopefully submit them for grading, do it while there are no distractions---don't be an idiot like me.
Always looking for GAI,SGC,PSA vintage Hockey and Boxing.