It's natural to tout SGC on these boards and bash PSA, as it’s a common phenomenon for the chaser to throw rocks at the leader. Think of fast food companies comparing themselves to McDonalds, yet McDonalds rarely mentions their competitors. On the CU boards they don’t necessarily berate other grading companies, but certainly play up the PSA brand. For the most part it's affiliation pride, for many it's about the $ invested with their grading company of choice.

I genuinely prefer SGC for the holders, tougher grading standards, and customer minded employees. However, I'm concerned that SGC will be one of those great concept companies that will fall by the wayside. One reason is due to the higher price points that PSA cards realize, they assumed market position early and have remained there. Another is that Beckett has assumed a #2 (maybe #1) position with modern cards. And for unopened packs, you go to GAI. Since there's an overly inflated and ridiculous concern with high-grade cards (and SGC grades tougher than PSA), many flock to the latter.

I decided to have three “vintage” OPC sets graded by SGC (two have yet to appear on the Registry for adding.) But it’s getting difficult to complete/upgrade those sets because cards for sale are usually in PSA. When I try to cross, they usually don’t due to SGC’s tougher standards (that or they just don’t “get it” regarding old OPCs)

In sum, I haven’t seen SGC rise in popularity with the same fervor that GAI and Beckett did. When there’s a listing for an SGC graded card, the seller (including me) will usually justify SGCs toughness, it’s almost as if we’re saying, “No, really, these cards are just as good if not better than PSA.” When will SGC really catch fire? The only area where I see evidence of this is with Tobacco cards. Any thoughts before I sink more investment with this company?

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