I purchased it for $96.50 including shipping from the great ebay seller "bigpuma". I'm looking forward to crackin' it open and sending in some cards to SGC for grading under their special.

I'd like to get an All-Star run of 1980 SGC cards along with major stars; much like what I'm trying to do with the 1977 set.

I bought a very nice 1980 NM to NM/MT Mint set from a guy off of ebay recently for only $50 with cards that are worth to send in for 88 to 96 grades. I'm curious on how the vending box will compare to the set. I may send duplicates in to compare and sell myself to buy more cards.

Upon further review, I've found that the 1980 Topps baseball is a very well designed set that is generally well-centered in comparison to 1970s cards. They have those great fascilime autos and all-star designated cards.

I also bought a 1979 NM to NM/MT set from the same guy I got the 1980 set from. I decided not to send cards to graded from this set because I don't really like the 1979 design and the centering is very bad.

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Holidays!
Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!