I have been a long time collector and part-time dealer. I am now returning from a 2-1/2 year collecting/selling hiatus. Prior to my hiatus, I had made a decision to go with SGC over PSA and was very please with my decision. Now that I am back, I see Beckett and GAI involved. I am comfortable with choosing SGC from everything up to 1980. From 1981 on, I have a hard time ignoring what Beckett has done. My personal opionions are as follows:

Pre 1950 - SGC
50's - SGC
60's - SGC
70's - SGC, but seriously thought of PSA.
1980 - SGC
1981-89 - BGS, but wished someone could give me a good argument for SGC.
1990 - 04 - BGS, same wish for SGC.

Basically I am sold on SGC to 1980. I need some peer pressure to make me feel good (or bad if the truth) about 1981-present. Maybe there should be a couple of additonal splits between 1981 to present?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
1984 W.S. Champs RC's