I was recently looking through my storage boxes and stumbled upon a couple of PSA-8OC cards -- '73 and '74 Strike Out Leaders with Ryan/Carlton and Ryan/Seaver, respectively. At first, I thought that the '73 card was not OC at all -- the front looked fine....but the back was 90/10...so OC was the right call on that one. The'74 was marginal to PSA-8 centering standards -- probably a tad worse than 65/35. And, no, I don't know what ever possessed me to buy these cards.

So, I thought that I would do a cross-over experiment to see what SGC would do with these cards. I cracked them out and added included them in my most recent submission....results posted last night.

1973 SO Ldrs...was a PSA-8OC.....became an SGC-80 (6)
1974 SO Ldrs...was a PSA-8OC.....became an SGC-84 (7)

I was suprised that they whacked the one card so hard for the back-side centering...given that I do not believe that they have a formal policy on back centering...at least I can't find one.

I'll post scans of the cards when I get them back...but I thought that this was interesting given the word on the street concerning SGC and centering.