Hello All,

I just got the grades for my bulk submission -- 1968 Topps baseball, 164 cards...these were very nice commons that I was really excited about....and I'm real happy!

1 - 98 (my first GEM in over 5 years of "slabbing"!!!!) Jeff Torborg 1 of 2.
36 - 96's ---yahoooooooooooooo
50 - 92's -- oh yea
40 - 88's -- yes sir
17 - 86's
9 - 84's
6 - 80's
3 - 50's ...huh? must have missed a couple of wrinkles
1 - "miscut"...not sure if it was trimmed or what...will soon see.

My goal for the set is a minimum grade of 84 and an average weighted grade of 88...so this will help alot. I think I will be very close to 40% of the set with these additions.

In the invoice, I had 10 cards that I threw in as experiments -- all sorts of combinations of corner touches (1,2,3,4) coupled with centering....these 10 cards yielded 1 of the 50's and 3-of the 80's...so I am really happy about the rest...but really want to see the other 50's to see what I missed (I only screened corners and centering)

Now, if I can only figure out how to explain the big box from NJ to my dear wife...hmmmmmmmm