This topic was also posted on the CGC forum, but I think that everyone who has posted over there (thus far) hasn't properly addressed this issue.

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While it may be true that eBay simply provides a "platform" for e-commerce, there is no question that the seller of the magazines (Tim Neeley) should be held liable for his statements.

<< According to the lawsuit, Neeley said Grace "should be banned from eBay," and was "dishonest all the way" for alleging in the online forum that the magazines he bought had arrived late and in a worse condition than advertised. >>

I agree with the basis for this suit. All too often, retaliatory feedback is given with the direct intent of harming a buyer's or seller's reputation. In fact, this type of "knee-jerk" response has become quite common on eBay. Those who transact commerce on eBay should not only be honest in their business, but truthful in what they write about others. If someone can't take this simple responsibility, then maybe they should buy and sell elsewhere. Just because the buyer doesn't agree with how merchandise is graded, doesn't mean that the seller should be allowed to write anything in response and vindictively strike back with untrue or libelous feedback.

<< The lawsuit also demands that buyers and sellers, who use aliases in eBay transactions, register their screen names with the state of California as fictitious business names, and that eBay be forced to collect state sales tax. >>

Comments on the second part of the suit?