I read the CU board as well as this one. It seems on that board many people are resubmitting cards to PSA in the hopes of a better grade. I am well aware of how grading works. I was curious as to whether or not SGC people were resubmitting cards to SGC as well. It seems that people who submit to PSA have great luck of getting better grades. This can obviously lead to financial gains as well. The fact that PSA is gving out different grades on the same card really gets my goat. Is this typical of SGC too? BOTN on the CU board claims to resubmit about 600 cards a year. I find this comical. Any thought or insight would be appreciated.

If A Card Is Regraded It Should..
Get The Same Grade
Get Close To the Same Grade-Subjective
Get The Same Grade-Objective
Who Knows? It's A Crap Shoot!!