My main focus is certainly sports cards - but I have been becoming more interested in 1938 Horrors of War and '50 Wild Man Bowman issues. With the knowledge base of the members on this board - I was hoping to find out if anyone can give an accurate read on these sets in terms of scarcity, value, etc.

I buy 100% of my cards via internet websites or auctions - but I do plan on hitting some of the larger Midwest shows this year - should I expect to see any dealers selling any of these cards? I've just started investigating this sets - so I certainly haven't hit any dead-ends yet - but does anyone know of any reputable dealers who specialize in vintage non-sports.



P.S. - Anyone see the recent prices on high-grade '50's Bowman - A 1950 Roy Sievers PSA 8 from the 1st Series went for $770 on Ebay. A 1951 Lary Doby SGC 92 went for $270 - nearly 1/10th of what MW1's 96 went for last year. Interesting. I didn't follow-up on the Teletrade prices - I wonder how the '55's faired.
I hope the SGC cross-over special will result in more vintage Bowman's hitting the web auction sites in the near future. If not, I hope they extend the cross-over deal beyond end of March to give me more time to buy other company's slabs and convert to SGC.