Hi everyone,

It's great to see the place jumping a bit. I wanted to take the time to point out that moderation of these boards does and must include all of you as part of the process. As is mentioned in the "Terms of Use" statement:

"Note that you are expected to make use of the "notify moderator" button underneath each post in the event that you find a post you feel violates these guidelines. You are not to reply in kind as that will be just as much a violation regardless of the fact that it's a reply."

Basically, underneath each post you will see a "Post Extras" set of icons. The icon of the piece of paper in a circle with a line through it is a "notify moderator" button. When you see a post that violates the Terms of Use, push it and then push the confirmation link. This will email the moderators to alert them to review the post and/or the poster for removal or correction.

Pushing this button is not an automatic guarantee of action, it is only an automatic guarantee of review and judgement. In general, we try to keep a fairly open and even-handed approach to moderation in order to foster as much freedom of expression as possible without stepping over the line into unneeded negativity or personal insults. All posts will be reviewed with this standard in mind.

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