Hi Everyone,

Thought this might be of interest to traders and collectors. It is an auction for the World's Largest Catalogued Mexican Lobby Card Collection! This giant archive spans 50 years of the wealth of World Cinema (1930's - 1980's) and includes Film Noir, US and Foreign titles, everything from Comedy, Sci-Fi/Horror to Drama, War Films, Religious Epics, to Spaghetti Westerns with everything in between!

150,000 JUMBO Sized Lobby Cards (13" X 17")
10-15,000 US and Foreign Titles
Many Extras!!!

The collection is worth appx $3 million on the world market. It is also an excellent investment for eBay sellers and would gross appx $1.2 - 1.6 million over a multi-year campaign! The reserve price is a fraction of that! Please pass on to anyone you know who may be interested. Thanks for looking!