I wondering what people's opinions are on SGC since the Set Registry special is now in its 3rd + month. I have noticed the following:

1. Online invoice appears to be out of date - or they have cashed my check and lost my cards. 1 of the 2 has happened on my latest submission.

2. Not pulling MIN grades. I recently got back a "failed to meet MIN grade" on a card that, hands down, beats nearly all of my SGC92's in my collection. And this is the SGC grade that I collect - so I have a very good idea of what an 88 and what a 92 looks like. My submission was about 1 week late - and I wonder if the loss of Derek is causing an overload on the remaining graders. Is SGC getting flooded with submissions at the current $3 cross-over rate that is resulting in cards getting the quick once-over and then out the door.

Anybody know what type of cross-over volumes are at SGC per month since the set registry special began? Has anyone seen an increase in SGC slabbed vintage on Ebay or other websites - I honestly have not. Are only private collectors crossing over cards or has there been a serge of dealers moving to SGC in light of the PSA concern.

Just so everyone doesn't think I'm blowing smoke on a border line cross-over that didn't go my way - I've attached a pic for reference. All four corners are pins! - the picture doesn't do the card justice. Its in a recently graded PSA holder.