Man, I get so juiced when I stumble upon a "find" - they may happen for me once per year and they range from a $800 deal of real nice 1958 commons at $4 per pop (and then they grade out in the 7-8 range across the board), to the "motherload" of which I have only found once back in 1989. I am always looking for my 2nd motherload, but man they are tough.

Anyway, I am on to a "mediocre-to-wonderful" find now - about $1000 with a ton of POTENTIAL upside. And I am stressed because I just did not buy it, I flinched. Now the deal may be gone. I don't think so though.

I guess I am posting this to hear about any "finds" or "near misses" that may have gotten away. In the words of Jerry McGuire, "sometimes you just gotta lay your balls out there".

Do any of you have any stories to share? Do any of you understand just what the heck I am talking about? Forgive me for my anxiety, I am awaiting a reply from this potential find. Thanks for listening.

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