Today I received a 1977 Topps Fran Tarkenton SGC 96 in the mail today, and just completed the edit to my set on the SGC Registry (see my registry under 1977 Topps Vikings...file is too big for this message board).

I noticed something for the 1st time today, in regards to the SGC holder that is somewhat visible on my scan. I've noticed it on some other cards in the registry, even MW1's '37 Cracker Jack. It appears that there are imperfections in the holder visible when looking straight at the card from front or back. It is the "clear" plastic that surrounds the black frame. More specifically, it looks like fingerprints or stress indentations when the card is being slabbed. The Tarkenton has 2 on the bottom middle, surrounding the usual rough line on the bottom edge. Then there is one on the upper middle/left. I then have 4 on the left side with a large one on the upper left. Finally, there is one noticable one on the right middle.

What are these things. I'd really like a technical answer from SGC.

Just the fact that I noticed them is a detraction from the card. I'm pro SGC, don't get me wrong. However, I think SGC needs to fix this, and it strengthens my perception that BVG/BGS has the highest quality holder in the market (and the highest prices).

Open to feedback and explanations. Sean from SGC?

Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!