As many of you may know by now, beginning on March 4, eBay will be implementing a new fee schedule for reserve auctions. The fees for reserves less than $100 are fairly minimal (as before), but for all reserves equal to or greater than $100, the assessed amount is 1%. That means for an auction with a $1000 reserve, the fee is $10 and for a $10,000 reserve, the fee would be $100. Obviously, if the reserve is met, this fee is refunded.

What are the opinions on this new policy? With this make eBay more bidding competitive or is it simply a ploy to bring in more money? (i.e., indirect compensation for the lowered "bold" listing fees). Also, consider the possibility that many higher ticket auctions may now resemble a fixed price format instead. Will this policy benefit eBay bidders or will it effectively deter off-line sales from auctions that come up just short of a set reserve?