I posted the thread about turnaround times a couple of days ago and my grades were just posted today and i did alot better than i thought i would! I sent in thirty (30) 1961 Topps football cards and i excpected to get a couple of 70's and mostly 80's to 86's with the chance for a few 88's or 92's and what i got was:

SGC 80 = 2 cards including B.Layne
SGC 84 = 4 cards including J.Kemp and J.Unitas
SGC 86 = 4 cards including J.Brown
SGC 88 = 13 cards including Marchetti, Hornung, Unitas and Bednark
SGC 92 = 7 cards including Conerly and 1st checklist

This was my first submission to SGC in over three years so i was very happy with the grades.