Just got back my latest submission. Invoice #1185842. These were all modern cards (2001, 2002 Topps Reserve Football and some 2002 Ulta Football singles). I'll be listing them into my Set Registry this weekend. I submitted under the Set Registry special, with the $2 pre-screen. In my opinion this was a great value. SGC slabbed only the cards that met my minimum grade (SGC 96) and charged me $2 for the ones that didn't.
The funny part is that the cards that weren't slabbed were returned in their Cardsavers with the grade written in marker and than crossed off. I was able to see the crossed out grade on most of the cards. Some were 92's, some were 88's but the ironic part was that some were initially graded 96's or 98's, but were than downgraded upon further inspection. This tells me that the pre-screen is more than just a casual inspection of the cards, but a more detailed grading. This deal just can't be beat. I'm getting a bigger order together to send out.
SGC gets derided for not being original in it's marketing. This is a very original and great service. Get the word out guys and watch the submissions role in.