Amid all the rumors and fun at the Ft Wash show I attempted to crossover
some red man tobacco cards that I collect. This included the 55 set that
I've now committed with Sgc holders (along with the 54).

Here are the results:

I submitted a total of 31 cards.

3 were reholdered to the newer style holder from the mid style one. A success.

4 were raw purchases from a couple dealers. All were from 1955. I reviewed
about 100 red man cards and picked the best of what I needed. Two were
graded at the show as Sgc 88. The others have not been graded but I expect
one to grade Sgc 86.

8 1954's were submitted. 6 Psa 8's and 2 Psa 7's. 3 of the 8's crossed to
Sgc 88 and both Psa 7's crossed to Sgc 84's. Note to those who were
thinking about the consistency and accuracy since Derek left. I submitted
2 8's that Derek had rejected 3 months ago. They were again rejected
by the Sgc graders (Bob and ? - sorry don't know names yet). A small
sample size but still interesting results. I'm not saying the graders will
grade everything exactly as Derek. That would be dumb on my part.

16 1955's were submitted. All 16 were Psa 8's. 3 were bumped to Sgc
92's (two commons and a Pee Wee Reese). I'm thrilled and so happy.
These are my first bumps of any kind in the two-three years I've been
collecting graded cards. 9 cards were converted to Sgc 88's. 4 did not
cross. Including one that was found to have a crease in the back of the
card. I found it when I got home. Very very hard to spot. I have no clue
why 2 of these cards did not cross. To me they look better than a couple
that did. They must be borderline cards.

So to conclude 17 out of 24 crossed over to similar or better Sgc grades
or 70%. I did not plan on crossing anything to lower grades until a certain
collector submits his final cards. Then I'll see what's left.

On a positive, none of my cards in Psa holders were found to be trimmed
this time. The cards that did not cross were either graded when Psa just
started grading red man's or very recently. I guess standards were a lot
looser in the beginning and I'm not sure where they are now in terms
of Psa grading red man tobacco cards.

Unfortunately I did not keep the cracked Psa cases to display on this
forum. Nor will I send the cert#'s back to Psa since I could care less
about the accuracy of their pop reports. I know for a fact that Sgc's is wrong
too as no one submitts the cards they pop from Sgc holders. I keep
a pop analysis as a guide. Currently, the two pop reports combined show
about 880 graded nm/mt or better. It's less to those looking for guidance.
Anyhow I did not keep the Psa labels this time.

Without displaying too much of the same sarcasm that was displayed
on the Psa board when someone cracked out a couple 1968 Topps in Sgc holders
(not Scott - srs1a), I can honestly say that my cards are happy to be in their
new home! Especially since the Sgc holder is THE BEST in the graded
card hobby!

Special thanks to Sean and Scott at the show. I think I made Scott a little
late for a Friday night with friends. I think he still had fun.

Happy Collecting,

Tony Conte (aconte)